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Installation Guide



Your swimming pool is a source of pleasure and relaxation for the entire family. However, installation of your pool must be done correctly so that your pool can last for years to come. This guide, along with your pool care manual, will make sure your pool gets the best possible care from the start.

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What You’ll Need to Get Started


• Wheelbarrow(s)
• 1 1/2” or 2” gasoline pump and hoses (if Groundwater is suspected)
• 1” booster pump (low water pressure)
• Transit or laser level with tripod
• Story pole
• Shovels ( flat and round )
• Rake(s)
• Concrete rake
• Typical hand tools
• Small sledgehammer
• Marker pen or pencil
• 100’ tape and a 25’ tape
• String line
• 2-50’ lengths of 3/8” poly rope
• Sawzall and blades
• 4” or 4½” angle grinder with a diamond blade
• Cordless drill
• #2 Phillips bit
• Set of drill bits
• Caulking gun
• 12” channel lock pliers
• 16” channel lock pliers
• 3/4” garden hose (100’ minimum)
• 2 brass garden hose shut off valves
• 50’ of #14 extension cord
• 2 ½” hole saw and arbor
• 4-20 foot lifting straps
• 1-10 foot lifting strap
• 1-6’ x 3/8” logging chain
• 3-2 or 4-ton bottle jacks

• 1 tandem truckload of sand or stone dust
• 500 lbs. (minimum) of bagged or loose drainage Rock (for dry well)
• small box of 1 5/8’” screws
• 1 ½ “ and or 2” pvc flex pipe
• 1 ½” and 2” sch. 40 pvc pipe
• 1 ½” and 2” pvc fittings sch. 40 (not dwv fittings)
• 1 qt. Pvc clear primer
• 1 qt. Pvc clear light body glue
• 1 qt. Pvc blue glue
• 2-cans of contractors paint
• 2-8 foot 4×4 or landscape timbers
• 2×6 or 2×8 scrap lumber
• 1 or 2 (if the pool has a heater), precast or Plastic equipment pads 24”x36”
• pool equipment
• Pvc conduit
• Three-way jandy valves or pvc ball valves
• A bundle of wood stakes or steel stakes for hard Ground (18 or 24 inches)
• 1”x 4” lumber ( the total length should be twice The length of the pool )
• 1 2”x 4” x 12’ straight

Determining the location of the pool in the yard before final decisions are made is very important. If the pool is installed in the wrong location, easements, property lines, and setback lines could be violated. Some manufacturers offer full-size pool templates that make pool layout easier when a drawing is made showing the location of the pool relative to the house and other fixed items in the yard, it is important that the drawing is accurate.

If the drawing is wrong, the pool will lay out wrong. The wrong pool location will affect the permit, the deck, easements, and more. The following illustrated drawings may help by explaining the triangulation method for locating the pool and other fixed objects in the pool area.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Some of the Wonderful People Who Have Purchased Our Pools Over the Years

“We have been extremely pleased with Beach Pools. Everyone we have dealt with were incredibly knowledgeable, polite, prompt, responsive and customer-service oriented. We absolutely love our beautiful pool and would never hesitate to recommend Beach Pools. They have been in business for years and have it down to a fine art. And, it shows! Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

--Laura and David Hughes

“My pool project from start to finish was extremely easy! Brad, the pool installer, was fantastic and a true professional! The pool is laser straight! I absolutely love my beautiful stamped concrete pool deck ! I highly recommend Beach Pools and Spas!”

--Rich Jensen

“I am very pleased with the pool I purchased. The installation was perfect. All were professional and very knowledgeable. We were able to get our pool installed for a fraction of what competitors quoted. Keep up the great work!!!!”

--Loren DeHonney

“Beach Pools and Spas is an incredible, knowledgeable, extremely helpful and professional business and dealing with them was very easy. We are extremely happy with our finished results and got a wonderful pool in our backyard. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect.”

--Wayne Orel

“A great place to buy a pool!”

--Gary Maynard

“We are so incredibly happy with our pool. This is our second season. I would buy this pool over again. It is solid and there were no problems installing it. The water heats up quickly and very little maintenance needed. We love the shape and size, it is perfect for our yard. Everyone who comes over comments that it’s a beautiful pool. The company worked with my timeline on delivering it. They were very patient with me and answered all questions. I would highly recommend them.”

--Beth Dixon

“Great operation from start to finish. From the sale to the installation to the concrete to the construction cleaning- all was top notch. A group of folks who take pride in their work and customer satisfaction.”

--Mike Mitchell

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please call or contact us here.

Why should I choose a fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass pools are known to be the best pool available as compared to vinyl or concrete in ground pools.
– Fiberglass pools are the least expensive pool on the market to maintain.
– Longest warranty- Premium Fiberglass Pools come with a 50-year warranty.
– Quick Installation time- installs in days compared to weeks and months as other types of pools.

Why choose salt water over chlorine to sanitize my pool?

Saltwater pools do not “smell like the ocean” nor are they completely chlorine-free. These pools are designed to create their own chlorine using salt. It’s a process known as “electrolysis,” and it negates the need to manually introduce this additive.
• With the salt generator, the chlorine levels are not as high, therefore the potential for skin and eye irritation are reduced.
• Because it is treated, the water will actually be “softer” — similar to how in-home water treatment systems convert hard water by neutralizing minerals.
• Cost of salt is less expensive than chlorine. Salt systems literally save you hundreds of dollars per year.

What do we need to get started on our pool project with Beach Pools and Spas?

It is best to come to our location by appointment to see our pools and options available on site. This enables you to get the best perspective on which pool will best suit you and your family. We have many displayed pools, giving you the opportunity to actually see what you are planning on purchasing and spending years enjoying.

We will also need a site plan/plot plan of your property that shows your house on your lot with all dimensions.

This plan helps determine the best sized pool for your yard, best placement area of the pool and equipment, and it is what is needed for obtaining your pool permit. If you do not have a copy of this, contact us for help in obtaining one.

Are we able to customize our fiberglass pool?

YES! Some of our most popular added options are-
-Pool color options- EcoFinish high performance pool coatings
-Perimeter tile for the waterline
-Spill Spas and Tanning Ledges
-Jets- are able to be added to the built-in seats
-Heaters- available in gas or electric
-Covers- solar and safety mesh
-Deck Jets and Water Features

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